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Financial Statements

Financial Statements

With a strong knowledge of GAAP (ASPE), you can be confident that your financial statements are made with the utmost integrity. Whether you have done the bookkeeping yourself or have had it done professionally, we can make your next statement look great. Financial statements show the financial strength of your business. The reports that we make are

  • Statement of financial position

  • Income statement

  • Cash flow statement

  • Statement of changes in equity


Don't hesitate to contact us about any services listed or not listed here, and to get a better idea of how we can help you. If a service you require is not listed, please feel free to contact us to inquire about it. For great Calgary financial statements, contact F. Khan Professional Corporation today.

Our Commitment

At F. Khan CGA Professional Corporation, we work hard and long to earn your trust. We remain truthful to all of our clients to provide them with an environment where they feel confident. Only in this environment will we be able to co-ordinate plans to help you and/or your business and finances flourish. This is how we do business at F. Khan CGA Professional Corporation and this is the type of service that you will be served with.


You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time, and wtih great outcome for you.

Some Industries That We Service

  • Dental hygienists

  • Construction

  • Colleges

  • Contractors

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail stores

  • Grocery

  • Restaurants

  • Auto sales

  • Driving schools

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